Saturday, June 11, 2011

blog #468 >> New Stash

Today, I had a chance to stop by Fabric Depot's outdoor sale. They had so much great fabric! Most of it was around $5/yd. I got some vintage style pig fabric to make into pig potholders, and a few other vintage 30's prints as well. I got a white cotton that has a vintage, lacy, off-white pattern on it, along with some wide eyelet lace to make into a new summer skirt. I also got some 50's occupations themed fabric. I think I'm going to make that into bags. But best of all I got the loveliest, sea-green, light-weight, satiny-matte, fabric... I got five yards of it, for only $2 a yard! It's what I've been looking for, for a very long time. I'm going to make a dress with it that looks a little bit like this one below.

Seen here on etsy! Buy it because it's lovely!

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And I've gotten tired of always losing, and forgetting who has, my 9x13 pan. My last one was actually stolen! Yes!!! You know who you are, you 9x13 pan thief you! But you bought me a new one! So all is forgiven... Although, I engraved my name on this one to avoid all future confrontation. Thanks for the new pan!


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