Tuesday, February 12, 2008

blog #052 >> new skirt I sewed

Goodness Sakes!
It's hard to take a picture of yourself wearing a new skirt.

I sewed it all up myself using the fabric Amy gave me a long time ago from some old drapes... I think... Anyhow I saw it in the window and I just couldn't resist. Here's a link to the pattern I used, well sort of used. I really improvised on this one... a lot. I made it longer, wider to so it would be below the waist instead of at/above, I finished off the edges, skipped the lining, and finished off the top a completely different way. And if I make it again, I think I would make a lining, and I'd decrease the curve of the flounce, and I'd add a waist band. I wasn't too sure of it just after I finished it. But I think I like it now.


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Leingang Family said...

It's cute and I like the fabric. It looks like curtains Grandma had in her house.