Saturday, February 16, 2008

blog #053 >> Book of the Week:
Volksy the Little Yellow Car

I'm going to try to post a book illustration or cover per week.
This week I've got the whole book up, if you want to read it.
It's an endearing story about a little car who came all the way from Germany to live with a sweet little family.
Click Here to download book:
Volksy The Little Yellow Car 9.3 MB

Rand McNally & Company ©1965



Trina said...

This is Sofie's favorite book ever! :D

Theresa said...

I was thinking of Sofie when I posted it!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading that book when I was little. Where did you get it? Does mom still have it or do you? It's too bad the boys are too old for it now. :o(


Theresa said...

I've got it.
I got it from mom when I moved. She went through all the old books and boxed some up and I asked for that one. Isn't it cute! You can come read it anytime. Charlie's just the right age for it now.