Wednesday, November 26, 2008

blog #190 >> The Thing that Devoured my Time

This is it! The thing which has taken every spare minute of my time since Sunday. The kitchen's a mess, my bedroom is carpeted with clothes and I've got wood chips and eraser bits all over the floor. I even melted a hole in my cutting mat with the wood burner. I started it as a Christmas present for the neighbors... but I'm a bad friend. (Sorry guys!) I've become very attached to it and I've decided to keep it. Maybe I'll make another one though. I have to go buy new clock parts anyhow. I was trying to force the spacers in when I heard something "pop," and now the minute hand doesn't work so well. But all in all it's a pretty fine cuckoo clock. I got the idea here from Kate's Blog.

And here's the french press cozy I knitted for Grandma for Christmas. (She doesn't have Internet, so it's very unlikely she'll see this post.) It turned out supper cute and I think I'll have to make one for myself. Pattern is:
cast on 56
k 6 rows (color 1)
k 1 row (color 2)
k2p2 5 rows (color 2)
button hole (two stitches from end)
k2p2 6 rows (color 2)
button hole (two stitches from end)
k2p2 6 rows (color 2)
k 6 rows (color 1)
cast off
And that is my best attempt at writing a pattern.
(I never really use them.)
Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!

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Trina said...

HA! that is awesome. And you are totally forgiven! That is an insane amount of work. :) It's super wonderful and I will enjoy visiting it. :)