Monday, November 3, 2008

blog #183 >> Catching up

Oh my, I'm shocked by how far behind I've gotten on my blogging. Well, here's the quick catch up on what's been up lately.

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Beef 'n Beet Soup
Here's the amazing beef and beet soup I made last Sunday, well actually the Sunday before last. The fun thing about soups is they never turn out the same way twice. It all depends on what you throw in there. This one's got: beef, onions, celery, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, beets, salt, pepper, thyme, basil, and probably a couple of other things too. I'm forgetting at the moment.

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Book of the Week: Frankenstein
I finally finished Frankenstein last week. And I'm rediscovering the joys of a public library. I'd forgotten just how many books they have. Hopefully I can save a little money by not buying the book I want to read, (unless it's something really special) and just check it out from the library. I wanted to get Phantom of the Opera, but it's always out, so I went with Frankenstein as a scary alternative. I was actually somewhat surprised by how unlike the movie it is. It's a much better story. The monster (not named Frankenstein) is actually very intelligent, and I must admit, he has a better vocabulary than me! Overall, it was a very good book. And it had some deep moral principles as well, such as, "Bad things happen when man plays God." and "If you create a monster you are responsible for what you made. Don't let it go around terrorizing the country side. Don't make it fend for itself. Don't just pretend it never happened. Take care of your monster. Teach him right from wrong and how to be kind to others. Then your monster won't hate you and want to destroy everything you care about." Anyhow, good book.

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For Halloween I went with Dave and Trina to The Mission Theater to see Nus-for-ut-a, Nash-pur-af-u, Nose-fur-ah-two... that's closer... wait I've got it! Nosferatu! I can never remember its name. It was very fun. They had a live band playing with it and I would have gone just to hear the music. It even had an accordion and a cello playing. And the band would even fill in the sound effects. It was excellent. And the moral of the story is: All realtors are crazy.

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And finally, here are the curtains I sewed yesterday for the living room. After I took down the Halloween decorations the windows seemed really bare. So I used that extra hour from daylight savings to my advantage and made some curtains.

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Funny Ernie said...

beet soup? Eeeww.

Anonymous said...

Great post!!! LOVE the look of that soup! MMMMM!