Friday, October 31, 2008

blog #182 >> Nesting Squash

AHHH!!! Happy Halloween!
As I'm posting this I'm sitting at my desk dressed in a long flowing black dress, (which I occasionally roll my chair over and get trapped with) and a tall pointy hat. It's been quite the interesting day. I've already been blamed for all sorts of mischief: casting an evil spell over the printer, computer, fax, coffee machine, etc. And since I weigh the same as a duck, I must be burned at the stake. However, everyone's too busy at the moment... maybe after lunch though.

Here is my latest pumpkin carving/squash carving project: Matroshkas
It was still dark this morning when I left for work, but here's a pretty good shot of them. They're made from butternut squash and they turned out super nice.


anja louise said...

That looks so great! I love that it can come open. :)

Pets Jubilee said...

Wow! Those are cool. You have too much time on your hands. Will you be at M&D's tonight?

Linda Beth said...

oh my gosh! those are amazing! i'm so proud!

Leingang Family said...

They look amazing! Great job! Did you have a fun Halloween?

blazedanielle said...

So cute!! What a great idea!! :) Love the detail!