Thursday, October 9, 2008

blog #168 >> What do you see?

It's a blurr, a blob, a blot... it's a bunch of tea leaves in a tea cup. Is "tea leaves" on the list? Wait, I know! Is it a "tempest" in a tea cup? I just don't know. I've never been good at ink blot tests. And if I can't tell what it looks like how will I know my fortune? According to Miss. Mary's "Your Fortune in a Tea Cup" from this month's newsletter (part 1 and part 2), I should be able to see some random shape that tells me my fortune. But I guess I'm just not looking at it from the right angle... maybe I should turn it.

Here are a few of the shapes and meanings:
Arrow: A romance ahead. You will be very happy.
Birds: Birds are good for the entire family.
Bagpipe: Nuptials. Speedy marriage.
Clover: A good sign. At the top of cup, good fortune quickly. As it nears the bottom, it will mean that it is more or less distant from you.
Crescent: A railroad trip is to come very soon.
Cross: A cross is a sign of a death or unhappiness.
Crown: A crown signifies honor and loyalty.
Crown and Cross: signifies good fortune resulting from a death in near future.
Dog: At the top, faithful friends; in the middle, they are untrustworthy. A dog at the bottom means secret enemies. Beware of traps they set up for you.
Eel: Distasteful duties to perform in near future.
Flowers: A marriage of much interest very soon.
Gable: Remunerative business transactions, but you must be careful, use your head.
Gondola: Love affair at sea will come to you.
Fife: Carnival coming soon. Also gladness for you.
Heart: Surrounded by dots, signifies the receipt of money and consequent happiness; a ring near it betokens marriage. Get ready for happiness.
Human Figures: are good, and denote love and marriage very shortly.
Jonquil: An increase in income.

Oh, I see it now! How could I miss it... it must a Bagpipe. That's the first think I thought of... Bagpipes.

Well, not that I'm sure how accurate these things are... I did turn it the wrong way, and then to compensate turned it double the other way. Then I had too much liquid left and it all spilled out. So I scooped it up and put it back in and did it again. But I'm sure it will all work out anyhow.

I wonder what other people see?


p.s. Tea cup fortunes are for entertainment purposes only. Not an investment opportunity. Don't go out and buy a bunch of lottery tickets if you think you see a Jonquil or Clover.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't see anything...My Grandma Miller used to look at tea leaves in her tea cup. I hadn't thought about that for years. LM