Saturday, October 25, 2008

blog #179 >> We got Lost

Over hills, through woods, along rivers, past cows, under bridges; today it seems like we drove all over the country... Well actually, we just drove all over Sauvie's Island. We started at one end, drove all the way to the other end, and back again. How are we suppose to make it through The Corn MAiZE if we can't even find our way there? I've never been know for my superior sense of direction, and today was simply more than my inner compass could handle. I warned my comrades, "You'd better tie a rope on me or else you'll find your way out of the corn maze and I'll still be in there... lost... until night fall. And when they're closing the place down, they'll have to come in and get me and I'll be as far away from the exit and entrance as possible in some corny-corner."

Apparently, by "first left" the Google Maps meant "first FAR left" as in winding under the bridge, not turn left on first street. It's really not fair, the sign did say straight ahead to the corn maze. It's just that's not the corn maze we were going to. And that's how we got started just going... and going... and going... It was a beautiful drive however. We passed all kinds of lovely little farms and saw some wonderful views of the river. Here are some pictures of a swell little trailer park we passed with a bunch of airstream trailers in it. It was a beautiful warm sunny autumn day after all.

Eventually, we made it back around the island to The Corn MAiZE. And I'm happy so say getting through The Corn MAiZE was much simpler than getting to The Corn MAiZE. They had lots of happy cheerful corny signs to help you though. Before starting the journey you can pick-up a card called a passport that will ask you a question at a given numbered sign post. Based on your answer the card will tell you to go left or right. They have a variety of passports to choose from, each with an area of expertise. For instance you can pick up a card with 4-H themed questions, American history themed, corn themed, astronomical themed, musical themed, and many more. Following the lead of the five-year-old in front of us, I opted for the Tiny-Tots card. I figured I needed all the help I could get. First question: What is pop-corn made out of? a. squash (left) b. celery (left) c. corn (right) Hmmm... I'm guessing the right way is right... right? Off we go. It's amazing those five-year-olds never get lost. Despite the helpful cards we still managed to take a few wrong turns but in the end we turned up right were we needed to be, at the exit. Hurray for Tiny-Tots the faithful guide!

Alrighty, now all that tromping around in the mud works up an appetite. And there is no shortage of tasty treats at The Corn MAiZE. I opted for a caramel apple and a baked potato but they also had sausages, elephant ears, kettle korn, and much more. (Do I have a photo of that caramel apple? Afraid not. I ate it too fast for that.)

Then off to the produce part and to the hay ride down to the pumpkin patch. The pumpkin selection was good and prices reasonable. I ended up with three butternut squashes that I'm going to carve into matryoshkas.

Anyhow it was a very nice trip to the pumpkin patch and a very pleasant... meandering... drive through the country to find The Corn MAiZE with Dave and Trina.


p.s. I know it's actually called "Sauvie Island" not "Sauvie's Island." But like most Oregonians I like to put random "'s" at the end of things like "Fred Meyer's" and the like.

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Leingang Family said...

Glad you had fun! I love the trailer park pictures.