Thursday, October 2, 2008

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The Big Orange Drawing Book

Once at a job interview I was asked what some of my artistic influences were. I blanked. All I could think of was Ed Emberley. The interviews didn't know who that was and I was too embarrassed to explain, so I quickly added Saul Bass. (A name gleaned from my history of graphic design class.) Ah, everyone knows Saul Bass and he's much more appropriate for a corporate office anyhow. But Ed Emberley is a much more truthful answer.
Growing up I loved this book, and still do. The Big Orange Drawing Book is filled with glorified stick people and basic drawings you can copy. It's mostly Halloween themed, and who can forget Kreegor the Robot. If you can drawn a line, a square, a triangle and a circle, you can drawn anything in this book. I think part of what makes it so much fun is comparing the next picture to the last picture to see what's been added. It's kinda like drawing hide and seek.

Ed Emberley's Big Orange Drawing Book ©1980

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Anonymous said...

Frankie remembers that book! I'd love to see it. Maybe next time were both at M&D's. Will you be there this weekend? We're probably going to be there tomorrow.