Monday, October 27, 2008

blog #180 >> Real Caramel Apples

Yes, I finally made them! Real caramel apples! And making them isn't nearly as much work as cleaning up the mess afterwords.


Leingang Family said...

I guess it was a caramel apple kind of day. Go check ours out on our blog.

Lorna said...

Right I really want some too. Pretty please, can I have your recipe. Ours are always a disaster!

Theresa said...

In reply to Lorna here's the recipe:

I base my caramel apple recipe off of this one on
The trick is to make sure you use apples that haven't been waxed, otherwise the caramel will just slide right off. Most grocery store apples have been waxed so either wash them really well, or buy your apples from a local fruit stand. After I dip the apples, I stick the chopped nuts on them. Then I melt some milk chocolate chips and some white chocolate chips in the microwave and spoon them into ziplock bags. Then I snip the end with some scissors and I've got the perfect no-messy-clean-up pastry bag. For a quick way to clean-up the caramel try pouring boiling water over the pots and the spoons in the sink. It should take that sticky mess right off.
I hope your apples turn out amazing!


Lorna said...

Thank you and thank you again! We can't wait to have a go!