Friday, November 28, 2008

blog #191 >> Leftovers are Lovely

Aren't leftovers lovely? It's like having Thanksgiving dinner again and again... And this year Thanksgiving seemed especially nice. The sides were amazing, the desserts were fantastic and to top it all off, my brother and his wife brought the turkey they raised themselves. He was a BEAST! At 40 pounds he weighed more than my 5 year old niece. He took ten hours to defrost, and part of that time he was soaking in the tub because he was too big to fit in the sink. In fact, he was almost too big to fit in the oven. My sister had to wake up at 4am to start baking him. And now we all have left over turkey to last us the year. I'm already planning my turkey casserole and turkey soup and turkey sandwiches. mmmm...mmmm..... I can't wait!

If I can get a copy of it I'll post a photo of Tom still alive. He was a beautiful bird. Here's a picture of the turkey fresh out of the oven. I forgot my camera, only to realize today I had it all the time. So I stole this picture from my sister. To see more Thanksgiving photos visit my sister's blog here.
Happy (day after) Thanksgiving!

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Leingang Family said...

Thanksgiving was lots of fun! I love your clock! It looks great!