Monday, December 22, 2008

blog #206 >> Gingerbread Houses Part:3

What do you do when you're stuck in at home?
Make a gingerbread house!
The challenge on this one was that I could only use materials and candy that I already had. Luckily, I've got quite the sweet tooth and I didn't even need to use all of my supplies. This year I went with a church based loosely on my old white light-up one. I used two old jolly ranchers from the bottom of my purse, (one blue and one pink) and an old butterscotch candy for the stained glass windows. And I used some of the chocolates from my advent calendar for the stepping stones and squirrel. And I melted some white chocolate chips and made the window design on the front by making the design on parchment paper and freezing it first. Directions here.

Now I've got to go decorate the rest of the cookies and clean up the kitchen. It is a sticky sugar coated mess!


Anonymous said...

that is amazing! :) You are a genius. :)

Leingang Family said...

As usual, it is incredible! All of your cookies look so delicious! This snow has made for great cooking,hasn't it? I have made all kinds of yummy things this week!

Anonymous said...

Dad is going to love that dark chocolate bark! mmmm I can't wait for Christmas! Love, Mom