Tuesday, December 30, 2008

blog #213>> "Sweaters for the Family"

This is the very reason why I knit. I love this book. I was searching through some of my grandma's old knitting needles the other day, trying to find another pair of #10s, when I found some of her old patterns books. They're all wonderful! I almost started a second blog just to post old patterns on. But I can hardly keep up the one I've got, so I'll just post them here every once in awhile. The images in this book are great. I want to be just like these people. I want cute little kids like that, and to have tea parties with my fabulous tea set. I'd like a husband to light a pipe for, and when I'm a little old lady I want my husband to bring me flowers while I knit. I doubt I'll ever find real people like these. But, I will still look through here and dream. You too can knit some "Sweaters for the Family" download the complete pattern book now. I don't think I'll keep this one up very long it's pretty big. (15mb)


Leingang Family said...

I love them!!! I wish I was a better knitter. But promise me that you will never start smoking a pipe not matter how vintage it is. LOL

Theresa said...

Oh, I would never smoke a pipe, or smoke at all for that matter. But I wouldn't mind a husband that smoked a tobacco pipe once in awhile. I kinda like the smell.

Anonymous said...

I want to live there too! LM

Eric said...