Saturday, January 3, 2009

blog #214>> Resolutions

After spending the past two days in a major cleaning, un-decorating overhaul, I've finally caught up with my blog reading. And I am very impressed with everyone's New Year's blog postings. Now I'm feeling very sorry for having not taken the time on the first to plug something in, so I'll just start the New Year late. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I've never been into New Year's Resolutions. Why wait for the new year to start resolutions? I'm more into the everyday list thing. But New Year's does give a good opportunity to make a resolution that ends with a party so why not start one now.

25 things to finish before 2010:
(if not completed will roll over to 2011)

1. try a new recipe at least once a week.

2. start writing in cursive again.

3. get my fountain pen working.

4. post something to etsy once a week.

5. go roller skating in the basement more often.

6. sweep the basement floor so it's safe to go rollerskating in the basement.

7. draw something (even if it's just a doodle on an old note pad) once a day.

8. try a new restaurant once a month. (I tend to go to the same places time after time.)

9. learn to crochet.

10. knit a sweater.

11. finish the projects I've started.

12. write down my ideas in the project book before starting them.

13. finish my new website. (I took a break during the holidays, but break time is over!)

14. spend more time outdoors. (camping, boating, biking, hiking, gardening, riding an old tire down the creek, whatever! I just need to see some sunlight! I'm starting to resemble Snow White.)

15. invite people to my house.

16. play the accordion more and work on reading notes.

17. buy less books and check out more books from the library.

18. start a Goodwill box in the trunk of the car and fill it slowly with things to go to Goodwill, then when it's full drop it off. (I don't want to become anymore of a clutterbug than I already am.)

19. reline my beloved coat that is falling apart at the seams and has more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. (even if it means paying someone else to do it.) (and it probably should be dry cleaned too, it still smells like cigars and fireworks from the New Year's Party.)

20. work at taking better pictures.

21. visit Marti and the calligraphy class.

22. get my teeth fixed and mercury filling free.

23. take my telescope out and don't let it gather dust.

24. finish finding the Messier objects. (I've only got 18 of 110 to go, and they're mostly spring and summer objects.)

25. find a nice boy.



Leingang Family said...

What a great list! I may have to steal some of them. :o)

Theresa said...

And I'm proud to say, I've already made the dentist appointment.

Anonymous said...

Your list sounds great. Have fun keeping your resolutions. LM

blazedanielle said...

Love new year's resolutions! Best of luck, and here's to the new year!!

MARLOU B. said...

Happy New Year!!! I want to wish you a healfy and prosperous creative and colorful New Year!!!
Great list!