Monday, January 26, 2009

blog #229 >> Pretty Pin Up Patterns

"Gay — charming – amusing! Won't your guests oh! and ah! when they see these delightful modern 'Pin Up Girls' and prim, pretty 'Gay Nineties Misses.' What fun to have the two sets for your own collection and what an original gift for a bride. They are so designed that you may applique or embroider them as you wish. If you decide to applique them, put padding under panties and bra to shape them a little. If you want to embroider – you'll find sweet little patterns, in simple stitches in place of the appliques. Cut off the lettering and the girls would make smart decoration on lingerie cases or amusing pictures for your walls." – actual pattern description

I got these in a pile of my grandma's old patterns and thought they were pretty funny. I can't find a copyright date anywhere but I think they're from the 50's. She must have used the "Gay Nineties Misses" because they're not in the package. But I've still got the "Pin Up Girls" and I've posted them below. If you click and copy them they should be at actual size.

You know I've always wanted a powder puff the size of my head...


Lorna said...

Very cute1 I love old patterns, they are the best insight into social history there is! I hope your grandmother enjoyed her "Gay Nineties Misses".

Anonymous said...

Heehee! Those are so sweet! :) I love the huge powder puff too!

Leingang Family said...

I LOVE them! Oh, and your mouse pad looks great, too.