Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Faith Books by W. V. Grant

From the author of "I Saw the Antichrist," "God's Secrets Revealed," "Life Beyond the River," "Atomic Power in Christ," "The Mantle fall on the 70," "Demons Devils Disease Defeated," "Walter's Words of Wisdom," "The Great Dictator 666," and the unforgettable "I was a Cannibal: Ate raw white men, whipped mountain lion, swam river with alligators, ate raw snakes and chicken, walked power line to U.S.A."
I bring you...

I found these classics at a used Christian bookstore years ago. I thought the covers wear priceless. I spent all the change I had at the time on them, but I wish I had bought more. They had a whole box of them. I can't find a copyright date anywhere on them, but I'm guessing they're from the 60's. I always get a laugh when I pull them out. I love that the "What every boy needs to know..." book ends with "How can I be sure and get the right girl for a lifelong partner? Answer: You need a good counselor. You could secure a good book along these lines." Ha! I laugh every time!
By Rev. W. V. Grant - Faith Clinic


Leingang Family said...

Now those are a hoot! I will have to look at them sometime. Maybe I'll borrow that one for the boys. LOL

Mary Kelly said...

oh what a find! That's priceless.