Tuesday, January 20, 2009

blog #222 >> Good Search

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!This is a new search engine I recently heard about called Good Search. It's powered by Yahoo and every time you search the web it will donate a penny to the charity of your choice. I know it doesn't sound like much but if you make ten searches a day for a month your charity will get $3. Well, that doesn't really sound like much either... but I guess what I'm saying is, it all adds up. Anyhow they've got over 74,000 charities listed and more than 1,200 in Oregon including:
Dignity Village
(housing for homeless)
Dove Lewis
(emergency animal hospital)
Habitat for Humanity
(provides low income housing)
Free Geek
(helping the needy get nerdy since the beginning for the 3rd millennium)
Luis Palau
(reaching the world for Christ)
Oregon Food Bank
(because no one should be hungry)
P.E.A.R. Project Education Art Recreation
(art and education programs for youth)
Portland Rescue Mission
(serving the homeless)
Pregnancy Resource Center
(providing help to pregnant women and teens)
and many more...

And just so long as you're look at charities, find the one the gives the most back to the community at charitynavigator.org.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information. If enough people use this service, it could add up. LM

Anonymous said...

Great finds Theresa! Thanks for sharing! :) I am constantly making searches on the web!