Monday, December 22, 2008

blog #207 >> Christmas Cookie Extravaganza

Today was extreme cookie making day. I finished the gingerbread house. I decorated the rest of the cookies. And I made a HUGE mess in the kitchen. And instead of mopping up the sugar and icing off the floor, I've decided to post a blog.

Here's the dark chocolate cashew bark I made for my dad.

Here are the un-decorated gingerbread cookies. I'm in desperate need of new cookie cutters. I only have these ones. And I'm not sure there is anything "Christmasy" about an axe, a fish, a pig, or a bunny... I don't have much to work with. The Santa Claus unfortunately looks like a fisherman with a peg-leg and a net over his shoulder. And the angel simply looks like a blob. At least the stars, trees and reindeer turned out nice.

Russian teacakes, chocolate chip and the finished gingerbread.

And now I can put my feet up after a job well done...
except for those kitchen floors.

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