Thursday, June 26, 2008

blog #116 >> Cookies and Embroidery

When it rains it pours. And although the weather has finally approved, work has been very, very busy. It went from dead to crazy in less than five minutes, so lunches have been scarce and with them blogging at work. However, I'd much rather have it be busy than slow. It'll just take me a few days to get used to it again. And unfortunately until then, I'll continue to be stressed and grumpy. In my efforts to de-stress after work today, I made these lovely cookies. And I'm sorry to say... I didn't make them for scratch. I normally do, but spare time has been short lately, and these refrigerator sugar cookies were on sale, so... I figured, "Why not?" The frosting on the other hand, is from scratch. It's a good old fashioned butter-cream, sprinkled with sugar... mmmmm.... Only now they're much too pretty to eat.

Vinnie and Pookie cookies

Mushrooms, fish, and axes

Owl, acorn, fern, lichen

And my Cookie Cutters for all party occasions... The Santa and angel look like blobs. And I'm not sure what holiday the fish and axe are for, but they are pretty fun. I think the ax was maybe for Washington's birthday? But I can't figure out the fish... Bar Mitzvah?

And I've also been working on this bird embroidery.



Anonymous said...

Yummy!! Those cookies look so delicious and sweet! And wonderful embroidery! ;) So fun!

Anonymous said...

Some of those cookies would make a delicious birthday gift...See you tomorrow.

TheMagicBartender said...

Glad we caught each other!
I look forward to...Hmmm???
Cheers, Sue `*>~[