Tuesday, May 20, 2008

blog #090 >> Watching things grow

Today the weather changed from sunny to rainy, which means everything just took off and started to grow. The rhododendrons all opened in the courtyard, and the giant rose bush by the front door finally blossomed.

And it seems the nasturtium on my porch multiply whenever I walk past. They're just popping up left and right.

Even Vinnie is happy with all this sunny, humid weather.

The garden's really taken off as well. My heart leaps for every new sprout. And I feel like celebrating for every little seedling.
I hope it does well.
Here are the radishes. Are you suppose to do anything special to radishes? We've never planted them before, so we're not sure if you're suppose to thin them or not.

Spinach seedlings.

Walla Walla Onions... well, I guess you could have read the marker too.

And here you can see a little, tiny pinkish strawberry.
I'm very excited for the strawberries.

And that's the garden.


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