Wednesday, May 14, 2008

blog #080 >> Fubons!

Fubons is a happy Asian market on 82nd between Division and Powell. I love this place.
Above are some of my treasures from the past.
I bought some quail eggs. They're really pretty, small and look a little like wood.
I don't think I'll eat them though, I'll just blow them for Easter next year. They also have these cinnamon sticks the size of logs. Well, the kindling size at least. And I got some more rice noodles, puddings, colored and shaped tapioca, pho soup mix, pot stickers, dumplings, coconut gel (they're really good in fruit salads!) water chestnuts, and I can't even remember what else. Oh, they've got really good fresh ginger, tea, sauces, Top Raman, and sushi fixings too. I just love going there. It's as close to Asia as you'll get in Oregon. Well, there are other great Asian markets around too, but it's my favorite.

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