Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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Here are some old American Home magazines from the 50's I borrowed from my sister-in-law. She got them to get some ideas for remodeling their kitchen. Every issue features a new blue print for a house you can build yourself as well as approximated cost. It also has a monthly nick-knack/gadget section. A monthly recipe section that picks one thing, like a box of cake mix, and makes a bunch of dishes from it which aren't half bad. And it's got a monthly "What's wrong with the table setting?" section, which explains the finer points of picking what dishes go with what event and gives great hosting tips. I love them! They're so much fun to look through. And some of those old ads are so funny. There was even one for a small Mexican burrow, "For $59 you can be the envy of all your neighbors." Yeah, if my neighbor had a lawn burrow... I'd be envious! Until it was "hee-hahing" at one o'clock in the morning... Then I'd be thinking, "Why did the neighbors HAVE to get a burrow? Stupid burrow." See below for other fun things.

Here it is!

Yes, you can decorate EVERY room of the house with rattan furniture. And my grandparents DID!

Wow! They spin so fast! It's amazing they don't break.

"Photography means irregular hours," says Mrs. Ethel Sargent, Belleville, N.J., outstanding portrait photographer. "So I depend on my Gas range to turn itself on, cook a whole oven dinner, and turn itself off. Dinner's ready when I get home!"
Hey, a gas oven that will automatically turn it's self on and off. It sounds like a fiery explosion waiting to happen, which is probably why the don't make gas ovens like that anymore.

Instructions on how to buy a TV.

It's always a good idea to have a floor so bright it makes you dizzy.

Ah, that girl on the couch looks like she just swooned from such fantastic relaxing organ music. Play away!

A frig you can keep in ANY room of the house you want! Brilliant!

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Anonymous said...

Did you notice the photos of the designers? I think they change each month. They ARE fun magazines!