Sunday, May 18, 2008

blog #086 >> l'ours de danse

Here's my latest little work. The frame is the one I bought last week at Good Will. Then I spray painted it black, and made this collage to live inside. It incorporates some of my favorite things: silhouettes, clocks, paintings in paintings, birds, and animals in fine clothes. I just love paintings and pictures of clocks. It's always the same time, in that little land, and I'm always curious why the artist picked that particular time as opposed to another time.

I cut my silhouettes from this old book, which I salvaged from the Oregon City School sale. Had I not bought it, it would have been sent to the dump. It's a 1925 reader to help children learn to read out loud. And I was able to build a very pretty collage from all the various little silhouettes inside.

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