Saturday, June 21, 2008

blog #112 >> Possibly the Best Book Ever!

I can't say I have a favorite book. Every book has its merit. Some I've even read several times over. But Jane Eyre is certainly one of the best books I've ever read... And I've read a lot of books. The only thing I can't figure out is... Why have I never read it before now? It's been sitting on my self for about seven months unread. I bought it at Good Will mostly because I thought the illustrations were interesting. People have been telling me for a very long time that it's an excellent book. I wish I had read it years ago. Then I could have read it seven or eight times by now. And although I've only read it once, it seems like the type of book that gets better with each reading. It's got everything, romance, sorrow, mystery, a sad/happy ending. I laughed, I cried... I cried a lot. At least I've read it now. And I'm sure I'll be reading it again. And if perchance you're reading this blog and you've never read Jane Eyre...
go start it right now.


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Leingang Family said...

Glad you liked it. Now I should read it again.