Tuesday, June 17, 2008

blog #108 >> Book of the Week:
Pookie puts the World Right

Pookie may just be about the cutest book character I've ever seen!
A little white bunny with a red scarf, baggy blue pants and fairy wings... How can you not love him?
In this story Pookie tells Winter to go away and never come back, after an early winter storm leaves many cute little forest animals homeless. After a while though, the little critters realize that they need winter. It gives the world a chance to rest. So Pookie must head off and fly to the North Pole is search of Winter to apologize. When he finds Winter, Winter tells him to tell the silly animals who were homeless after the storm to use their "instinct" and to build their homes in safer places and gather nuts during the summer instead of spending all day playing. Winter then accepts Pookie's apology and returns. And that's how Pookie puts the World Right.
Collins Publishers for Children ©1949


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! Pookie!!! I want him!! He needs to come to seattle and ban winter here! :) So adorable! Thanks for sharing such fun illustrations!

Anonymous said...

Maggie will love this book.