Friday, June 6, 2008

blog #101 >> How does the garden grow?

Very well... but unfortunately so do the weeds. I may be trying my sister's homemade weed-be-gone very soon.


Trina said...

OH NO! you can't use the weed killer you sister made cause it will kill all our plants and make the ground unfertile. :( I read so on her blog. :) Which i love by the way! :)

"*The only warning is not to do this anywhere near things you don't want to die or grow plants again. (like your grass or flowerbeds) Salt renders your soil infertile. But it's great for walks and driveways!"

Theresa said...

oh, I guess I didn't read that part. NO, we won't be using that for the garden.... any weeds in the driveway?