Sunday, June 22, 2008

blog #113 >> How To: Tissue Paper Flowers

A Fanciful Twist is hosting a Virtual Mad Tea Party {Of the Costume Variety}, next Saturday. So, I figured at the very least... I'll be needing a mask, and perhaps even a costume. And that's when I found this:

I simply fell in love with this picture of Marie Antoinette, from the movie. (I didn't like the movie as much.) Not that she was such a great queen either, but she did have great hair... well, wigs. And mine is just the right length now, that with the proper brushing, and a lot of gel, it could look like that. Only my hair is more black less white. So yes, my costume will be Marie Antoinette.

Yesterday, I made this tissue paper nosegay for my hair.
Tissue paper flowers make beautiful Ranunculus, Peonies and Chrysanthemum.

To make some yourself you will need: tissue paper, florists wire, scissors, chalk pastels or make-up (especially blush,) paint brush, and florists tape (which is optional.)

Step 1: Cut out your petals using template above.

Step 2: Cut about 6" florist's wire. Starting in the middle of the wire, twist around the middle of six of the smallest petals. They'll get all crinkly.

Step 3: Take the other six smallest petals and arrange them to form an X with the first. See diagram. Twist together.

Step 4: Continue with the middle sized petals, six at a time, always adding them the opposite direction of the previous one.

Step 5: Continue with the largest sized petals. Finish by tightly twisting your wire together and if desired wrapping it with florist's tape.

Step 6: Open your flower and separate the petals.

Step 7: Use a paint brush and chalk pastels to tint your tissue paper. (I always use white tissue paper, and tint them for a delicate look. But if you like bright colors just use colored tissue paper.)

Step 8: Blush makes a beautiful pink Peony! (I guess that's not a step, but it made such a nice picture.)

Step 9: For the leaves, color the tissue paper first. Cut using template above and wire together.

Step 10: Wire all flowers together. If making a bud, cut large circle. See template above. Fill circle with wad of tissue paper. Wire together tightly. Color leaves and bud first, then wire the leaves to the bud to hid the previous wiring. Cover wire with florist's tape if desired.

And there you have it a nosegay pretty enough for the Queen of France!


Anonymous said...

What's a Virtual Mad Tea Party?

Anonymous said...

oh theresa i love it! I'm so excited for the tea party! We'll have to plan some tonight. :)