Saturday, June 7, 2008

blog #102 >> How To: Darn it!

Yesterday, I noticed I had a gigantic hole in my favorite sweater... Darn it! But luckily, when things got slow at work I watched this video on YouTube teaching how to darn a sock... and I figured, if you can darn a sock... Why not a sweater? Here follows my account of how I saved my sweater's life.

Step 1. Supplies: You are going to need, something with a hole in it, scissors, a giant needle, darner, and yarn. Preferably yarn a similar color to the holey garment, but contrasting is a fun change too.
Step 2. Turn sock, sweater, scarf, hat, knitted/crocheted thing inside out. Place your darning mushroom, or in my case, a tumbling-tumbler inside the thing you're darning.
Step 3. Weave the needle in a straight line, about a half inch away from the hole, catching every other stitch. Keep in mind the finished size will be a square.
Step 4. Weave the needle the opposite direction, catching every other alternating stitch. It's kinda like weaving a lattice top pie.
Step 5. Continue weaving, when you get to the hole go across in a straight line, continue weaving on the other side.
Step 6. Continue weaving until you get a half inch beyond the hole. Stitches should form a square.
Step 7. Start weaving the opposite direction, 90 degree angle from where you started.
Step 8. Weave every other stitch across the hole. Tuck stitching in through here tightly.
Step 9. Continue until finished. Tie off.
Step 10. Turn right side out. Admire your good/poor work.
The End


Anonymous said...

Good job! Did you fix the hole in your green sweater yet? LM

Theresa Rohrer said...

Oh yeah, I fixed that one a long time ago. But I didn't darn it.