Tuesday, June 3, 2008

blog #099 >> Green Things

Here's the latest craft project I want to try. Making plastic sheets from plastic bags. Recycling DIY style. And the possibilities for these are endless. You could make shopping bags, raincoats, drapes, clothes, shoes, purses, lunch bags, bibs, quilts, table cloths, tents, wallets, lamp shades. It's a great fabric substitute, especially for oil cloth.

See how to's here
and here.

And for other good green living tips and ideas, go visit my sister's blog Good Green Livin'. She's got lots of great ideas on how to spend less money and waste less stuff.



Anonymous said...

i love it! :) I just subscribed to your sisters blog feed. I have been wanting to start making my own laundry detergent cause dave tens to be pretty sensitive to soaps.

Leingang Family said...

I love the octopus bag! I want one now.