Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Oh, it's so good to be home! I had a great time at The Hotel Dé Parents, but it's so nice to sit at my own desk and have wireless internet and use my fast computer.
Anyhow, here's a big THANK YOU to all my family and friends who gave me gifts this Holiday Season. This is a only selection of what I got. There is more, but I already hung up my calendar, ate most of the candy and cookies, and I forgot the pictures from my sister at my parent's house.

1. Martha Stewart Cookbook from my sister Amy and her family.
2. French soap and an assortment of washcloths that my sister Amy knit. If you like them, you can get some too here.
3. An old pewter set of cream and sugar which I used as organizers for my jewelery in my dressing table drawers, (I love how the sugar bowl looks like a trophy.) and two cute pink and teal pot holder for my kitchen, and a Saturn necklace from Etsy, all from my brother Frankie and his wife and family.
4. Styrofoam head, which I'm using in my bedroom to display my favorite vintage pink hat. Also, from my brother's wife Amy.
5. Even though it's kinda hidden in this picture, it's no less important. It's a waffle iron from my grandma. I know what I'm cookin' for breakfast tomorrow!
6. The Amazing Mini Lobster Jello Mold, (Now I can have a whole family of Jello lobsters.) from Dave and Trina.
7. The most wonderful plate ever, also from Dave and Trina.
8. A nesting set of Matryoshkas, (It's a ten piece set and the tiniest one is like a speck of dust. I can't wait to paint them!) from Dave and Trina.
9. Ed Emberley's Big Purple Drawing Book from Dave and Trina.
10. The Dirt Devil EXTREME POWER. It really sucks so far... in a good way.
11. A subscription to Portland Monthly.
12. Retro Santa heads... I think they're maybe spoon rests or perhaps tea bag holders... either way they're really cute!
13. Pastry bags! Now I only need the tips.
14. Pinking shears, so I can sew like a pro.
15. Harney and Sons Tea, the best tea I've ever had.
16. The World of Tomorrow Stickers.
17. And the rest of the candy and the vintage Santa napkins. All of the above are from my parents.

A huge THANK YOU!!! to everyone.

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