Sunday, May 3, 2009

blog #286 >> Ring around the Noodle

Today I made this fancy Noodle Ring with Mushroom Sauce. It turned out very good. However, I'm a purist. I like ice cream and pie, but not together. It was the same with this. I liked the noodle ring, and the sauce, but I would have preferred the mushroom sauce on plain noodles and the noodle ring on it's own. But besides that it was really keen.

I got the recipe from Curly Wurly, who posted an article from an old Better Homes and Gardens about "11 Glamorous foods with the smooth, tempting flavor only Evaporated Milk can give." Yes, what food is more glamorous than evaporated milk?

Anyhow, I did switch up the recipe a bit. I substituted bacon for frankfurters... well because bacon is better. I also left out the pimento olives... which I don't keep in my fridge. And I also made a half recipe because it was new and because my jello mold wasn't as big as the one they called for. Oh, and I also used one giant portobello mushroom for the sauce which turned out phenomenal. It's kinda like beef stroganoff, but with mushrooms. mmmm....



John said...

That mushroom looks exactly like the head of the Alien (from Alien).

~~louise~~ said...

Hi Theresa,
Just popped in via Curly Wurly. I can't believe you actually made that recipe. It looks surprisingly good:) I'm liking your blog. I will have to come back tomorrow. I'm in the middle of getting my free cookbook give-away post ready for tomorrow (May 4th) Stop by for a chance to win. Bookmarked!

Leingang Family said...

Would the noodle ring be good with beef stroganoff on top???