Sunday, May 31, 2009

blog #297 >> Random Happenings...

...and a collection of photos that happened to be on my camera.

Due to my dentist appointment on Friday, I took the day off work and I ended up with another three day weekend. Three days off, three days on, three days off... it's how I wish every week was. In some ways I made much better use of my time this weekend than last. At least it was more relaxing than my last weekend. Overall I got very little accomplished. I watched lots of old Outer Limit episodes on Hulu, drank absurd amounts of tea, sat out in the sun, baked a pie, finished two library books, played the accordion, ran through the sprinkler with the kids and did some housework. I don't have any adventures to report beyond going out my front door, but you never know what that could lead to...
...Anyhow, all I have to show for my weekend are some random photos off my camera, so here they are.

Here are the first strawberries from our garden. They are also the first Oregon berries I've had all year, and I had forgotten how wonderful they really are.

These are the baby peaches on our peach tree in the garden. I'm so excited, it's completely covered in little tiny fuzzy peaches and last year we only had one. I hope it does well.

Here's the rest of the garden. I think the beans will be the next thing to start producing, but who knows. I do know I'll be doing a lot of weeding this week though. And the radishes need separating, and the hyacinths pruning, and some random volunteers need to get moved. I think it will be a gardening kind of week.

This is the strawberry rhubarb pie that I'm eating while I write this.

And this is my tea cup from breakfast. I was trying to take picture of the cool swirly-ness of the cream mixing with the tea. But the photo doesn't do it justice. It was making neat galaxy shapes... I guess I'm easily entertained.

I also finished my book "The Lord of the Flies" this morning while drinking tea. It's a highly pessimistic book about a bunch of kids stuck on an island, in desperate need of a mother. I kept on thinking, this is what Peter Pan could have been like without Wendy. Those kids just needed a mom to say, "Hey, if you don't wear your clothes, you're going to get sunburned." and "If you eat green fruit, you'll get a stomach ache." and "It's not safe to run through the jungle with that pointed stick." and "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt." and other mom-like phases of the same. Those poor messed up children. I'm afraid it didn't end very well for them.

Anyways last photo...

Here is the perfect comfy reading chair that I almost bought for $10 at a yard sale. Or I should say my sister almost bought it for me with the spare change in her car. But unfortunately I have absolutely no room left for another piece of furniture in my small apartment. I've drug far too many things home already so I'm afraid this little, or not so little, treasure had to stay. Sorry Amy, you can't live vivaciously through me, at least not this time.

Well, now I need to finished the dishes and head off to bed.

Good night!



Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend! I wish we had strawberries! Maybe next year. Your garden looks great! I love the chair! Would love to have a piece of pie with ya! And I hate "Lord of the Flies"! But I did like your commentary! :o)
~ from Carrie

Anonymous said...

mmmmm That pie looks good! The crust does look especially flaky. I wish I could have had a slice. LM