Tuesday, May 26, 2009

blog #296 >> Long Tall Weekend

I ended up having a very nice Memorial Day weekend, not that I ever doubted I would. But it could have been even longer yet. It's amazing how fast it went by. All the different little things I've done have blended together, but I'll try my best to sort them out.

Friday was a remarkable day in that I seemed blessed in everything I did. I was able to get off work early. My library book came in, I got the last parking spot in the lot. And the Clear wireless guy just happened to stop by to ask if I wanted to sign-up... Of course I answered, "YES!" I was going to switch to Clear anyways this weekend, and he had me hooked up in 5 minutes. Now I don't have to sit on top of my desk with the laptop out the window to be online. Later that afternoon, I sat outside in the grass reading for a couple of hours while I watered the garden... and I think I made something amazing for dinner, although I can't seem to remember what it was.

Saturday... what did I do on Saturday? Right, I went grocery shopping and to my folks house. Later we took the Model A out to visit Grandma and went out to dinner. As usual, I forgot the camera.

Sunday, I don't really know what I did... um... I know I sewed up my curtains, and sewed the lining into my skirt. Only I didn't cut out the lining right, and I had to re-sew my skirt on Monday... And I think I put together my cookbook... played the accordion... and ummm.... I think there was some more Model A riding around with my folks, and we visited Grandma again. Oh, and we bought her some new shoes.

Monday, I actually can remember Monday pretty well, but since it was yesterday I suppose that's not very impressive. Monday morning I finished sewing my skirt. Then I went to The Waffle Window on Hawthorn with Dave and Trina. They have amazing wonderful delicious waffles there. I got one with bananas and Nuttella...mmm.... I also forgot the camera here. But this picture truly looks just like it.

Then we went to Jo-Anns and I got three funky little curved needle thingies for cable knitting with my super coupon. After that I headed out to the creek to meet my family for lunch. We had roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. It was a beautiful day yesterday and the weather was perfect.

Later, my parents stopped by my house and my dad helped me hang up my curtains. Actually, he hung them up for me. (Thanks!) I've learned I should never use power tools on my own... or hang things on the walls by myself for that matter. And then I sewed a scarf together until bed...

Overall, I suppose it was a pretty memorable weekend, despite the fact that I've forgotten most of it.


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