Sunday, May 17, 2009

blog #292 >> Steampunk

...or old fashioned technology.
I was trying to explain why I was wearing two watches the other day, and I found I was doing a really poor job of it. I'd say, "It's steampunk!" and people would say, "What's that?" ummm... it's kinda like taking something old and making it new... well no, not like that at all. It's like taking something new and making it look old, but with gears and shiny things and stuff. And not like original old, more Victorian old, steam car era old, or 20's old, or 40's old. It's like tearing apart a typewriter and turning it into a keyboard.
...alright I'm still not explaining it very well.
Here's the definition from Urban Dictionary.
"What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner."

Anyways... here are some steampunky examples.
I found this beautiful laptop here.
It makes me want to remake Lappy in 40's radio style.

And here are some more examples of technology that has been converted to look steampunk.

Steampunk bluetooth: found here.

Steampunk keyboard: instructions on how to make your own here.

Steampunk mouse: with burning coal furnace found here.

Steampunk glasses: found here.

And this random page of steampunk things.

Here is my steampunk bracelet.
I bought this watch years ago, but when I went to get it repaired, the first thing out of the jeweler's mouth was, "Does this have any sentimental value?" Well no, I just bought it because I thought it was pretty. It ended up being rusted through and at over $200 to fix it, I decided not to repair it. But it is still a lovely watch and I wanted to wear it somehow. It was really annoying to wear a watch with the wrong time. So I decided to turn it into a bracelet. All I did to convert it into a steampunk watch, was to turn around the face so that the gears showed and then close it back up. Now I can wear it without confusing myself about what time it is. Only I still need to know the time, so I wear it with my regular watch.

See more steampunk jewelry here.


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