Wednesday, August 26, 2009

blog #312 >> Left Behind Part 3: Ape Caves

These are the pictures from our spelunking around in Ape Caves. I hadn't been there since I was really little and could barely remember it. This time we explored the upper and lower caves. The lower caves are really easy, but the upper caves had some climbing, not rope and rock wall climbing, just plain old climbing. Unfortunately, it was very dark, so the pictures look very black.

These are the flashlights in the dark. I liked walking just at the right pace to be between groups and then turn off my flashlight, so that I was alone in complete darkness... kinda scary, but fun!

This is the entrance to the cave.

Here is a lava flow found inside the cave.

The lantern in the dark.

The vent. You don't realize just how dark it is until you see some light.

And this is where I hurt my knee. We had to climb up that and I lost my footing right and the top, and ended up bruising up my knee pretty good.

This is the exit out of the upper caves.

And this is a lava flow outside the cave.


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