Wednesday, August 26, 2009

blog #313 >> Left Behind Part 4: The Beach

And after the Ape Caves I went to the beach...

First we went to Cannon Beach, but it was very crowed and very windy and baby Stella did NOT like the wind. So we moved to...

(Maggie and Charlie being silly.)

...Hug Point Beach. Hug Point is one of my favorite beaches. It's about five minutes past Cannon Beach. It's pretty small and secluded and doesn't look like much until you go around the point and then you see all the sea caves and the waterfall and the wagon trail. It's a really neat place! Above are the wagon ruts at Hug Point. During the Oregon Trail the wagon train blasted a path through this cliff that can still be seen today at low tide. Now it's a pretty cool tide pool.

The tide pools in the wagon ruts.

The sea cave at Hug Point.

Maggie looking for a "beach bear."


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