Wednesday, August 26, 2009

blog #314 >> Left Behind Part 5:
More of the Beach

Our one day trip to the beach turned into a three day trip to the beach, and from Hug Point we moved to Lincoln City. Here are the pictures.

Maggie and Charlie playing with "Jim" the bulldozer. Jim is a very hungry bulldozer that we found on the beach. He likes to eat macaroni and cheese cakes.

"A Monument to Jim."
This is Jim waiting for his owners to come find him on the beach. Poor Jim, I found him the next morning washed up in a heap of seaweed. I almost brought him home, but left him on a log instead. Perhaps his owners will find him yet.

Maggie by the swimming pool.

This was the morning that it was so foggy, we almost couldn't find our way back to the motel.

Watching the boats leave Depot Bay just before heading home.


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