Saturday, April 10, 2010

blog #395 >> Cars which I did not buy...

...although I did come real close on a couple of these.

Today ended up being a very busy day. First, I drove up to Kelso to attend my sister's Seed & Start Swap. I had a great time! I got a couple of tomato starts and some swell seeds. I also learned how to make homemade soap and deodorant.

On my way home I stopped by The Portland Swap Meet to visit my dad who was selling his International truck there. It was a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of walking... I feel like my feet are going to fall off!

I dropped by to possibly buy this '67 Datsun, but it was unfortunately sold by the time I got there.

However, if I had the money, I would have bought this Rambler wagon instead. I LOVE the wheels on this car, and it's the prefect size. Small, yet still large enough to haul home lots of vintage finds. Plus, it kinda looks like me. Cars, like pets, should look like their owners.

I also seriously considered buying this Austen, but it wasn't in as good as shape as the Datsun. However, I love this funky little car anyhow.

And below are other notable mentions:

A fabulous Ford Falcon (also outside my price range.)

A savvy burgundy Buick (yet also outside my price range.)

A quirky little Metropolitan, as much as I love these tiny little British cars, I know they'd be a pain to fix and impossible to get parts for.

But look at the plaid upholstery!

A Ford Galaxie, this is a pretty fantastic car, but it's not nearly as cute as the earlier model I saw for sale on 20th & Hawthorn the other day. With it's baby blue paint job, and round tail lights, it stole my heart.

As an added bonus, this car was once owned by the man who earned a title in The Guiness Book of World Records for tearing phone books apart with his bare hands. He drove it in parades and it's equipped with a siren. Where else are you going to find a car like that!?

And a darling little Hillman Minx, which like his cousin The Metropolitan above, I don't think I could keep running.

However, I'm afraid none can compare to my first love... The Hornet... sigh.

And finally we have the Model "T" that my dad DID buy! Can't wait to try this one out this summer!

And although it's not a car, and for $2500 I would NEVER purchase it, we seem to have found this bear trap in which there appears to be trapped a human leg?

Now, back to other things.


Mary Kelly said...

Dude! with my 50's dresses I would totally fit in with one of those cars. I wish modern cars had that much class. For some reason that station wagon totally fits you! Or maybe the model T... I can't decide!

I hope you find a guy that loves old cars because that would be perfect. haha.

Theresa said...

Mary! You're turning into me with all those 50's dresses!

Yes, it's true, new cars lack style. They all look the same and they all look like jelly beans.

And I would totally drive a Model "T" but the top speed of 35 miles per hour might be a problem on the freeway. I think it's the wagon for me. It even had plaid upholstery.

Also, yes, a guy that loves old cars would be a perfect match for me. With a love of tinkering with them as an added bonus.


Anonymous said...

oh my heck! the metro and the minx!!!!!! Theresa! I want them both. And how fun for your dad! Glad you had a good time.

Christina said...

Awesome cars. To die for!