Monday, April 19, 2010

blog #397 >> Out with the old and in with the new

At least one good thing happened today...
My new alarm clock came in the mail!
I've been waiting sooo long for one! Now "Old Buzzy" can retire and "Big Blinky" can begin! I'm going to sleep so well tonight... well unless I'm so excited to wake up to my new alarm clock, I wake up several times before it even goes off.

Now, it's not perfect, it's more yellow than I thought it would be and they replaced the dials on the back with plastic knobs, and the light is an LED instead of a regular light bulb. (LED lights are a secret pet peeve of mine.) But I love the sound of it's ring and it fits perfectly into my strict list of "alarm clock criteria." It was a long, drawn out search, but I finally found it. Plus, it came in a really cute box. Here's the description:

Moon Beam Electric Alarm -
Are you the early morning hard of hearing type? Or just one more poor sleepy head, resigned to being roused, but wishing it could be done every so gently? Then harken to the wondrous working of Moon Beam! For this completely different kind of electric alarm calls you silently. Yes, Moon Beam's first call is silent - A blinking light that will not even disturb the rest of the family, not even the baby. But if you ignore the light and do not shut off the light within a few minutes, Moon Beam adds to the light a cheerful audible alarm. Now what could be more considerate than that?

This is going to be so much better than the alarm that buzzes all night long, so inconsiderate...

Does anyone want on old teal alarm clock that buzzes all the time?
If so I'll save it out for you. It keeps good time and the buzzing isn't very loud, it's just annoying. It would be fine for a kitchen, but you wouldn't want to sleep next to it.

Good night!

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