Thursday, September 24, 2009

blog #336 >> The Best of "The Bins"

I love "The Bins!"
It's so much fun.
It's like sorting through piles of trash to find treasures.
This week I found lots of vintage fabrics, books and records...
oh and a few doilies too.

The Village Apple Book. Apple recipes from The Salisbury Congregational Community Church in New Hampshire.
Let me tell you those old ladies can cook!

Yet another vintage alarm clock to join my collection. Someday I will find the perfect alarm clock. But I never know if I like one until I try it. And I'm very very picky when it comes to alarm clocks. First off it must, have real numbers, no little dots, or Roman numerals. I need something I can read when I'm half asleep. It also needs a light, or at least light up handles. It's dark in my room at night. And above all it needs to be QUIET! Loud ones simply scare me awake. Once I recognize to wake up at a certain sound, it will wake me up no matter how soft or quite it is. That sound doesn't need to wake up the entire apartment complex. Also I normally wake up naturally about two minutes before it goes off anyhow. Really it's just an insurance policy in case I over sleep.

And the dessert cook book with happy flowers.

Alright, it's getting late now so I'm off to bed with my new alarm clock in hand.
Good Night!

(and if I do the math, I figure everything cost me less than seventy cents each.)

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Anonymous said...

I hope this will be the perfect alarm clock! LM