Tuesday, September 22, 2009

blog #335 >> The Adventures of a Macro Box

I will readily confess... I'm not a photographer. I don't know how to use my camera, I can never get decent lighting. And I don't have the patience to arrange or wait for a good composition. Despite all this, I know a good photo when I see one. Which just makes me even more aware of the fact that I'm a terrible photographer.

This week's challenge has been trying to get a photo of these little red owl earrings for etsy. They've proven quite difficult, and in most photos look more like little red blobs than owls. I tried indoor lighting, natural lighting, a spot light, the flash, adjusting the manual exposure, adjusting the levels in Photoshop and a combination of all of the above. At last I tried making a Macro Box. (Thanks Lisa for the link!)

My newly made macro box.

Happily, I had everything I needed to make it on hand, and it came together pretty fast. I used tracing paper to defuse the light, and I put my desk lamp on one side, the bedside lamp on the other side, and my light table on top. (And I tried combinations of one light source and two, as well as with flash and without.) Overall it does a pretty good job for close up images, but it eliminated the shadows on the object, and now they still look like little red blobs. But I think it will work really well for other things. I guess I need to play around with it some more. Or perhaps I'm just being too picky, and in the end I'll probably go back to using plain old natural light.

The owl earrings in the Macro Box.

This is the best picture I took (out of about 1000) it's natural light, with increased light exposure, and adjusted A LOT in Photoshop.

Hopefully, I can finish taking my pictures tonight and get this little guys posted!


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