Saturday, September 5, 2009

blog #322 >> Missing My Laptop

Dear Lappy,
Please come home soon. I miss you terribly. Not that I'm not thankful for this other laptop that my parents let me borrow. But it's not you, and it doesn't even have Photoshop on it. Plus I keep on pressing "Alt" instead of "Ctrl." I hope they finish fixing you soon, really soon. But until then, I'll just keep on thinking about all the great times we had together, and dreaming of all the things we've yet to do.
Your ever loving,

• • • • • •

I finally got this borrowed laptop to connect to the Internet. I'm not even sure how I did it, but it works. Hopefully my Internet withdrawls are at an end. I have to admit though that I've gotten a lot accomplished this week without a computer in the house. I played the accordion every night, got some sewing finished and made some amazing dinners. However, the Internet has become my main source of communication and I'm sort of lost now without it.

Let's see...
While my computer was down I made these earrings to sell at our craft fair.

And I bought this bedroom set. I don't have the bed up yet, and I'm still looking for a matching dresser, but I love the vanity.
(I also really miss Photoshop, and I realize that I need to clean my camera lens and not always clone stamp out the spot.)

Also, just a reminder to come visit me and Trina and DoorMouse Designs at:
Skating With Scissors Craft Bazaar
Presented by the Rose City Rollers

Sept. 19th 11am-7pm
Oaks Park Hangar in Sellwood
Portland, Oregon

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