Sunday, July 17, 2011

blog #476 >> The Garden Grows

I realized I hadn't done a good ol' garden post in awhile. So just to keep everyone updated... it's growing. Not as quickly as I had hoped, but I think it will make it never the less. It's just been such a wet and cold summer! I'm amazed it's doing as well as it is! The only thing I think will be a complete flop is the corn. Knee high by 4th of July? It wasn't even close! And now that the bunnies have moved on and quit eating the peas and beans, they might just make it. There's only one purple pole bean plant left. I'm still hoping for a beautiful fall.

Here's the eggplant on my front porch. It's doing pretty good. So are the ones in the garden.

The corn rows.

The potato rows. The potatoes are doing great, I think we'll have a good crop of potatoes. My dad has built a smoke/drying house. We're going to experiment with drying potatoes for soups and potato flour.

The spinach actually did pretty well. Not every variety made it, the "Bloomingdales Long Withstanding" went straight to seed without ever getting big. But the "Mustard Spinach" variety did great. (Actually, I think "Mustard Spinach" is a type of mustard not a type of spinach, but it tastes just like spinach. I'm actually still a little confused on the subject.)

The zucchini is one thing I can always count on to do fantastic!

And now that the bunnies have stopped devouring peas by night, we might just get a few of them as well. (peas not bunnies)

And the radishes are doing beautifully. I love these "Sparkler White Tips."

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And for a bonus post here's a picture of one of my all time favorite cookies: Salted Butterscotch Cookies made with browned butter... mmmmm... I think I want one right now.


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