Sunday, July 17, 2011

blog #477 >> Down by the Creek

Yesterday, I finally remembered my camera when I went to the creek! So, I took a LOT of pictures to make up for the lost times. It was such a nice relaxing evening. I took a chair down to the water and just sat and read while dinner cooked on the wood stove. It was really hard to come back home. It was so tempting to just spend the night. The tent is set up for the summer, and I had a trunk full of clean laundry and groceries. But now I'm glad I came home since it has rained all day today.

Here are the black berries, they're just starting to flower.

And I discovered four huckleberry plants that I am very excited about. I bet I can find more, but I didn't want to go tromping into the underbrush. There are lots of stinging nettles out there as well as huckleberries, and I didn't want to get into those. But the plants are much easier to find now while the berries are still red before they turn to blue.

And I learned these are called salmonberries. I read that they're edible, but I haven't tried any yet. Plus, there's not very many of them.

And I discovered these are wild cucumbers. They are not edible, as this brave blogger learned. But they are so strange! They don't look like anything that would belong out in the woods. They climb up the branches of the cedar trees and look more like an alien invasion, than a wild plant.

And here's an old saw blade that washed in. It's probably remnants of the logging community that was here around the turn of the century.

And here's my dinner cooking and the tent all set up. It's just waiting for me to go camping.

And finally the little snail.

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And as a bonus post, I have the owl cross-stitch I made for my wall. I still think he looks a little like a penguin, but I like him.

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