Wednesday, September 3, 2008

blog #147 >> Paint Chip Dilemma

Help! My bedroom is blah.
And since I'm not painting the walls in my apartment, I'm thinking I'll paint the furniture. Why have white walls and white furniture? But what color should I paint them? I've narrowed it down to these five colors. I kinda like the "Marsh Green." But I think after two months, I'd be sick of the green. And I do like the "Hawaiian Sky" with the pink 50's things. I just don't know. I'm terrible at picking paint colors. I think I'm over thinking this. I should just go with my first choice of "Pursuit Of Happiness" and run with it. Does anyone else have any input? Here's some photos I played with in Photoshop to show what they'd kinda look like painted.
1. State Of The Union
2. Pursuit Of Happiness
3. Hawaiian Sky
4. Far Away
5. Marsh Green
(Aren't paint chip color names crazy!)


Trina said...

my vote is for 2 or 3. I think the green is really pretty but i think you will get sick of it after a while. I think 2 is the least likely to get obnoxious after looking at it for months, but #3 is soooo cute and cheery with the pink things.

Linda Beth said...

i agree with trina. . . i love number three! but you chose all great colors. great job! i can't wait to see what they look like!
linda beth

Anonymous said...

I think new knobs would be fun, after you paint. LM