Friday, September 19, 2008

blog #154 >> Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today be the day t' talk like a pirate. Why? 'Cause if ye don't talk like a pirate, they'll pillage and plunder ya ship. Harrr Harrr! Well... ye may not have a ship or plunder, but that be alright. They'll take what they can. Arrr! So ye all wear ye best jewels, peg-leg, and eye-patch, and fly ye jolly roger high. Mount canons to ye desk and shout, "Back, ye scurvy dog!" to anyone who tries to hand ye a work order. Call ye coffee, rum. And call ye-self, "Capt'n (insert your name here) the Bloody" or "Mad Dog (insert your name here)" or "Dread Pirate (insert your name here)" Arrrrgggg! So now that ye have the idea, go let loose ye new found vocabulary on the world!

Here's a show t' teach ye t' talk like a buccanneer...

Here be some seafarin' hearty links to teach yar the way.

Here be a link t' find ye a new pirate name:

This here be one o' the bands: Cap't Bogg & Salty's sea shanties.

and this be one fer if th' show dasn't work.

Farewell me harties,

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Kandes Lee said...

Arrrgg!! I am so glad somebody posted about Talk Like a Pirate Day.

- Dirty Anne Rackham