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June 11, 1943 - October 9, 1943

June 11, 1943
I left for L.A. about noon on the 11th. Got a ride with an aircraft designer. He bought me a meal and took me right into Pasedina. Then I took a red-train accross to L.A. I got off at Union Depot. I wanted from 3:30 till 7:20 P.M. for Hanks train to come in from Texas. Boy, it was wonderful to see him. Hank really looked swell! We went up to Florence Vaughn's place. She is Mother's cousin. She and her daughter were very nice and put us up for the night. Then we spent all day Sat. running arround L.A. Then Hank and me took the train for Bakersfield at 5:30 Sat. evening. We had a swell trip up to Bakersfield together, but we were delayed about 5 hours because of a train wreak ahead of us. We got into B.K's F. at 4:30 Sun. Morning. I got off and Hank went on up to Portland. I fooled arround Bakersfield till about noon Sunday. Then I took the bus out to Taft. I took a taxie out to Carl's & spent Sunday afternoon & evening at Reinemunds. I had a swell time! I'd sure have loved to went on up to Portland with Hank.

Well, today is July 9th
I'm back from a "wonderful, unexpected" furlough. On Mon. June 21th at about 5:00 P.M. I took a bus into Bakersfield where I stayed till 3:30 A.M. Wed. Morning when I caught the train which Hank was "surposed" to be on and rode down to L.A. Hank wasn't on that train. I found out from Vern. Sture who I met accidentally in Union Station (L.A.)! Hank arrived Thurs. Morning at 9:55. Then Him and I bummed arround L.A. all day Thurs. (24th) Then Vern went to San Diago and brought Stan, his brother, up to L.A. So all four of us were together for a short while. Then that evening Vern & I came back up to Portland. Hank left for Texas and Stan left for San Diego, where he is stationed in the Navy. Vern and I had a swell trip on the train even though it was crowded and we had to stand up about half of the way. We arrived in Portland Sat. (June 26th) morning at 10:00 A.M. I then enjoyed a "wonderful" furlough at home!!! I stayed til Tues. morning July 6th at 8:00 A.M. at that time I caught a train ("Klamath") for Martinez, Calf. At Martinez I caught a streamliner for Bakersfield. I arrived in Bakersfield at 4:00 P.M. Wed. July 7th. I then took a bus out to Taft & then another bus out here to the field. I arrived here at the field, very weary, & tired, at 7:00 P.M. Wed evening. The train was not at all crowded coming back from Portland. It as sure swell riding the "streamliner!"

Today July 25th, 1943 Sunday. I went up with Lt. Meiz in ship 900 with flew the Bakersfield Range. We were up from 10:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.

Today is July 26th, 1943, my "Birthday." I worked the same as any other day. This evening I'm going to Taft to the U.S.O. Dance. I went swimming in our "Pool" this afternoon.

Mon. Aug 9th "43" I entered Gardner Field Hospital with a case of "San Jauquim Valley Fever." It causes some fever & settles on lungs. For first "3" weeks I was a bed patient. Then for the next "4" weeks I was allowed up for meals. Then on Sept. 23rd I left on a "15" day convalesent furlough. I sure surprised all the folks. (I had not told them I was in the Hospital or had been sick.) I spent a swell furlough at home & on Oct. 8th at 8:00 A.M. I headed back for "Dear Old" Gardner. ("Very down hearted.")

I arrived in Bakersfield at 4:00 P.M. Sat. night Oct. 9th & got out to the field at 7:00 oclock P.M. On the train I met 3 people in particular they were: Alma Pratt (Mannings Portland) James Dowell (Navy) Mrs. Wright (3 times married.) In going threw Salem Oreg. I met "Donna Hinkley." We stopped in Salem for 20 minutes. She's really a swell girl!!!

While I was home I went out with "Polly" Callister and put on a show for the High School in Assembly on Oct. 7th (thurs.).
Now I'm going to sweat out the war so I can take a "permanent" furlough "home."

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