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blog #407 >> Grandpa's Diary: Installment #3

January 1, 1943 - May 30, 1943

Jan. 1, 43'
Everybody had been swell to us down there in L.A. and we really enjoyed ourselves. "No Kiddin" Well "New Year's" same and it's Jan. 1, 1943. The years really roll by. I spent a quiet evening playing pool in the Play Room. (I drank five cokes.)

I graduated from A.M. school on Sat. Feb 6, 1943. I got a 90% Average in the courses. On noon Sat. Feb, 6, I left for Oakland to see Gretchen and Danny. I arrived in Oakland at about (midnight-crossed out) 10:30 Sat night. I had a swell visit with them and I am sure sorry to see them move away to Oregon. They're moving on Feb. 13, I stayed till Mon. Night Feb. 8. At 8:30 I started for Taft. I got in here at Taft at about 7:00 Tues. Morning I started "Link Trainer" school the same morning I got back (Tues. Feb. 9, 1943) It's plenty tough, but I like it because it is very interesting!! I graduated from the "Link" school yesterday (Fri. Mar. 16) and started instructing Mon. Mar. 29. I completed 36 Hours flying time and 36 Hours instructing time so far in the "Link." I've been going to school now for 14 weeks. During those 14 weeks I had no K.P. or Fatigue. But I'll start pulling it now. Yes, they gave me K.P. for tomorrow. A nice "grad" "present"!!!

We had a "ShAke-up" In our squad last week. Now we're the" 98th B.F.T.G. Headquarters & Headquartermaster Squad." All office workers moved into our squad and the "Line" men from our squad moved into other squads here on the field. I lost a lot of "Swell Buddies"! I stay in the Squad because I'm a Link Instructor now. "(White Coller)"

I was over to Reinemunds last Sunday (Mar. 21, 43) I stayed all day. We had home cured sausages that the folks sent from Oregon. We planted a V-Garden in the afternoon. Ruth baked a swell cake!!

Yesterday was Easter April 25, 1943. I went into Bakersfield to church in the Lutheran Church. They had very nice Service. Rev. R. Swanson is Pastor. After church I went home with one of the church families (Johnsons). They had a nice daughter (red)!! In the afternoon they showed me the town. Bakersfield is really a pretty nice town (lots of parks with green grass and trees.) I hitch-hiked both ways. It's about 50 miles over to Bakersfield from the field here.

Today is "Mother's Day." May 9th 1943. I stayed here on the post all day. Last night I visited Reinemunds in Taft. I had a very nice time.

I'm still instructing the "Links", and pulling K.P. I like my work a lot.

Last Wed. May 5th K. Kyser was here on the Post. He put on his "College of Musical Knowledge." from our Hanger here. Each of us got a pack of free cigarettes.

It's really getting hot here!!! (May 9th)

Today, May 10., I went up in a "B.T." We flew the Bakersfield Range I went up with Lt. Burton in Ship "324" We were up about an hour and a half. He really put that "B.T." there to paces!!!

May 30, 1943
Today we (our Squadron) went on a Picnic. We went to Kern Co. Park. Kern Park is about 10 miles the other side of Bakersfield. We left at 8:00 A.M. on G.I. trucks. "I saw Miss. Johnson in Bakersfield!" We had a swell time at the picnic. I was swimming and "Bike" riding (tandum bike). We had all we wanted to eat and drink. We got back to the field about 8:30 P.M. this Sunday evening. I and "Gill" went to the show after we got back from the picnic this evening. It was sure a "Big" day!!

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